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In 2010, the company was recommended by the Beijing Railway Administration as a pilot enterprise for seat covers for EMUs of the Ministry of Railways. After a series of strict screenings, the company was determined to be a full seat cover at the Seminar on Seat Covers for EMUs held by the Ministry of Railways on July 8, 2010. Design and manufacture supplier of seat covers for EMUs. At present, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Beijing Railway Bureau, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, Nanchang Railway Bureau, Jinan Railway Bureau, Nanning Railway Bureau, Lanzhou Railway Bureau, Hohhot Railway Bureau and other high-speed rail and EMU seat covers all use our products, accounting for the number of online trainers in the country. More than 65% of the market share of seat covers for operating trains.

The EMU seat cover produced by the company basically covers various models currently running online. Not only does the seat cover of each model have fine workmanship and advanced technology, the company also provides after-sales disassembly, assembly and washing of high-speed rail and EMU seats. Service, and set up after-sales service stations in the jurisdiction of the service road bureau, which greatly improves the cleaning quality of high-speed rail and EMU seat covers.

The picture shows the real scene of the company's motor car exhibition center.

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