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Hangzhou mai hing industrial industrial group Co., LTD. Was established in April 1982, it is only 8 people rely on a 3000 yuan RMB with workshop type enterprise, over 30 years of steady development, has been formed in the textile and clothing and bedding spare parts, home textile embroidery train, house property investment in a body, total assets of 680 million yuan of the modernization of the comprehensive group enterprise.
Textile and clothing, side by side qi to sell, and domestic professional clothing in the great river north and south, the long time enjoys the fame, export clothing sold in the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, wide popular;
The train is loud, company is mor designated actuation vehicle chair cover five suppliers, accounts for the already online luck action car chair cover 70% of the market share, already and mor subordinate sixteen railway administration more than 30 passenger transport depot built up good business relationship, at present the mai hing industrial group has become the train bedding a leading company in the field of spare parts, the national market share on top, and won several train traffic best design and best quality prize bedding items.
Home textile embroidery, prominent brand effect, with the worlds most advanced Swiss beautiful embroidery brand embroider large machine, and the production of home textile embroidery elegant unsurpassed, different style, perfect, in domestic high-end home textile embroidery market has a place, and successfully enter the international market, sold to Europe and the United States;
Real estate investment, 2008 years of development cooperation construction area of 14 square in anhui province tongling big market for anhui 861 key projects, become a highlight engineering in anhui province. We are the development of jiangxi province, with a construction area of 15 square "cherry blossoms peninsula" project for the most high-end residential building dish the local, and it is qianjiang century city development cooperation construction area of up to 9 square "torch th building" high-end office buildings, and hangzhou qianjiang new city landmark "the sun and the moon together" pearl river.
Group company chairman shen poetry is the eighth hangzhou the Chinese peoples political consultative conference, now is all of xiaoshan district committee and vice chairman of the federation of industry and commerce, warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to come to our company to inspect the friends, guide, go hand in hand and create brilliant!
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